Hosted Calling Card Platform

BlasterPhone’s Hosted Calling Card solution allows you to start selling personalized International Calling Cards and VoIP services to your customers for a low, monthly rental fee.

Your Hosted Calling Card Platform account will be setup and ready to use within 24-48 hours following the receipt of first payment.


* Servers located in one of the biggest and secure Datacenters – SoftLayer (Dalas and Texas, USA).
* Buy your own Local Access Numbers directly from providers such as DIDWWDIDXVoxboneTollFreeForwarding or any other of your choice.
* Buy Wholesale Termination from any Carrier of your choice – no restrictions.


* Caller ID & Card Number and SIP/IAX2 Friend authentication
* Multi-Language support – force specific language, give a menu for language choices
* Customize the IVR rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt, etc.
* Speed-dial
* Play balance with multi currency support
* Free VoIP calls between application users
* Support simultaneous or single access on same card
* Support call at Zero-Cost & Negative cost
* Auto creation card option for new Caller ID
* Top-up account via IVR menu.


* Advanced Card and Customer management: Creation; Edit; Search engine; Batch update; Caller ID handling; Refill Cards.
* Define: Post-pay/Prepay; Language; Currency; Expiry; VAT; Recurring Service; User Data, etc.
* SIP / IAX Friends
* Speed dial


* Check the customers balance; see refills made, payment received, and amount to pay
* Browse online payments made by PayPal, and Moneybookers
* Voucher support: creation; browsing; batch creation
* Multi-Currencies support: automatic update based currently base on Yahoo Financial
* Reporting statistics: CDR; Maximum Concurrent calls; Graphing; Profit Margin analysis


* LCR Least cost routing) & LCD (Least Cost Dialing) management
* Billing Increment: Progressively different rates through the call
* Scheduled Rates (days/hours of the weeks – PEAK & OFF-PEAK)
* Expiry of rates;
* Import Rate Cards
* Rate-card Simulator
* Trunk/VoIP-provider management
* Failover Trunks
* Batch update for rates
* Calling Packages – X number free minutes to specified destinations
* Subscription services DID SALES: * Manage your DIDs and sell them to your customer for monthly usage.
* Customer can reserve DIDs for themselves and configure a Follow-me to redirect the calls over the PSTN by VoIP.


* Monthly & daily reporting
* Earnings calculation and markup/margin on report
* Monthly traffic reports (pie chart)
* Daily load
* Compare call-load with previous days
* Criteria definition for reporting
* Export report to PDF & CSV
* Generate invoices to PDF format
* Email invoices to customers automatically


* Auto refill existing card with auto refill option
* Periodically remove credit from customer balance OTHERS: * E-Product: allows interaction with third party ecommerce platforms in order to create cards such as OS-commerce
* Signup modules
* Email activation to verify customer email address.
* Customized mail templates
* Export data into XML or CSV


* Online signup, selection of tariff, language and currency with email verification.
* Account info, including update details
* Call history – CDR
* Voucher usage and voucher entry
* Invoice Viewing
* DID selling support – features to sell pre-configured DID. Customers can redirect DID to his phone-number and even deploy a Follow-Me
* Speed dial configuration
* Ratecard browsing & ratecard simulator
* Caller ID: list / add so that customer can authenticate to the service without needing to enter account and PIN
* Multi-Language support for the customer interface (Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Urdu)
* Forget password option


* Unlimited users/cards creation
* Up to 60 simultaneous calls ( more ports available per request and additional fee of U$1 per port )

Please contact us for additional information, online demo and pricing.